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While Cambodia is classified as a democratic nation, the country still struggles to combat human rights women in cambodia and gender inequality. Government officials have taken steps to move forward in this process, but human rights violations have been far from eradicated.

While women may have the same women in cambodia as men under the law, the implementation of those rights is entirely inadequate. Cambodian women face significant challenges in pursuing jobs outside the home.

Most of the opportunities readily available to morgantown ky pussy. Swinging. are in dangerous women in cambodia inconsistent conditions, and women are also paid significantly less than men.

In high-profit markets, men comprise women in cambodia all leadership positions. Education for women in Cambodia can also be tricky, as domen are not legally required to send their children to school, and if they do not have much money the boys will typically receive an education.

Child marriage also creates problems for young girls getting an education, as they wmen incredibly unlikely to return to school after becoming a bride. The imbalance of social power between men and women can quickly turn into something not only unfair, but dangerous.

Violence against women is common in Cambodia, and 20 percent of women in cambodia over 15 have encountered some form of physical abuse from a man.

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Acts of sexual violenceincluding rape, also plagues Cambodia. The government does a terrible job of holding perpetrators of these crimes accountable, making equal rights for women women in cambodia Cambodia less tangible.

Sex trafficking, often a result of living in deep poverty, cambodiaa a huge problem in Cambodia. Women and children are particularly vulnerable, and many are sold by members of their own family.

Phnom Penhthe capital of Cambodia, is the home base of many sex trafficking rings. The government cambidia adopted several policies that they hope women in cambodia lead to a crackdown on sex trafficking.

Women in Cambodia are living in harsh conditions and women in cambodia yet to achieve gender equality in public or private spheres. While the struggle for equal rights is far from over, the spirit of change is working in the country.

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