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Now here is the test itself: For each of the following questions, select the answer that best applies to you. Have you ever felt sexually attracted to a member of the same sex?

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gay or stright How strongly are you sexually attracted to members of the same sex? Have you o had a dream about a sexual encounter with a member of the same sex?

Have you ever had a waking fantasy about a sexual encounter with a member of the same sex? Have gay or stright ever felt sexually aroused when you've had any exposure gay or stright two people of your same gender having a sexual encounter through gossip, a video, or some other means?

Have you ever voluntarily strjght sexual contact such as kissing or petting with a member of the same sex?

Subscriber Only. How can we keep sex fun while trying to conceive?

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If someone of the same-sex showed interest in you, what would you do? Atleast once a day.

Once or twice a week. Only a few times within the last month.

It's science. Is your favorite Britney Spears song "Toxic"?

Do you lose your mind when they play "Shut Up and Dance" at weddings? Is "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran the perfect first dance gay or stright at a wedding? Do strighy like Ed Sheeran?

Do you have no idea who Little Mix is? Do you love giant Jenga? Have you not posted a new Instagram picture in over sttright year?

Do you have empty liquor bottles on top of your cabinets? Do you wear underwear under board shorts?

Do you own anything with Grumpy Cat on it? Do you say "Love Wins"?

Do you have inspirational quotes like "live, laugh, love" in your house? Do you call your friends "the boys"?

Do you use the word "buddy" to refer to friends? Do you refer to individual friends as "my man"? Do you refer to babies gay or stright "little man" or "little bud"?